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digital art (light effects added)
Lockjaw (corrupted) (outdated design) by Ask-Fangthevampire
Together...yet divided... by Ask-Fangthevampire
Roboticized OC's Pt. 1 by Ask-Fangthevampire
Roboticized OC's Pt. 3 by Ask-Fangthevampire
Transition Body by Ask-Fangthevampire
Shading, glowing, etc...
Request (traditional)
Traditional sketch on paper
Polymorphic Bio Creature adoptables part 1 (closed by Ask-Fangthevampire
Flat colors



WIP by Ask-Fangthevampire
Fang in his monstrous and powerful Hercules form on the left, and Black (who belongs to cutewerewolfgirl ) on the right
you find yourself in a warehouse in the shipping area in Vale, after following a rumor about possible criminal activity there. Bringing your friends along, you decide to investigate to see if the rumors bear any fruit. The warehouse is dark, stacked with many shipping containers, and lit only by the moonlight from outside. There was water on the floor, which was unusual, as it hadn't rained recently, and the building was a quite a distance from the water. You decide to investigate the containers
Open RWBY RP: Bringer of Misfortune
Im still in the process of creating my RWBY villain, and this is a perfect oppurtunity to flesh him out
there are several unique vehicles in the world Rose Academy is set in

-Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano
Engine: 6.0 L Tipo F140 C V12 5999 cc
6-speed manual
Year: 2012
Top Speed: 330 mph
612 hp
Owner(s): Richard Sorenson and Shelly

-Dodge Challenger R/T
Engine: Supercharged Viper V12
Transmission: 6-speed Manual
Year: 1971
Top Speed: unknown
Power: 930 hp
Owner: Richard Sorenson

-Willys Jeep Rat Rod
Chevrolet 350 V8
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Year: 1945
Top Speed: ?
Power: ?
Owner: Richard Sorenson

Engine: unknown
Transmission: unknown
Year: unknown
Top Speed: 1000mph (in car form and aircraft form)
Power: unknown
Owner: Bernard "Byte" Everet

Engine: electric motorcycle motor
Year: unknown
Top Speed: unknown
Owner: Bernard "Byte" Everet

-Dodge Charger R/T
Engine: V8 Hemi
Year: 1969
Top Speed: 130mph
Power: 383 hp
Owner: Issac Frederiks (as a gift from Shelly)

-Morgan Aero 8
Engine: BMW N62 V8
Transmission: 6-speed manual
Year: 2015
Top Speed: 170mph
Power: 329 hp
Owner: Daniel Abrams

Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz
Engine: 390 V8
Transmission: 3-speed automatic
Year: 1959
Top Speed: 130mph
Power: 345 hp
Owner: Professor Rose
  • only virgins bitten by a vampire of the opposite sex, become a vampire themselves
  • they gain abilities that are related to their sire, as is consistent with vampiric lore
  • are also created artificially via surgical means
  • the heart must be destroyed to kill them
  • if they bite a deflowered human, said human becomes a ghoul (a zombie under a host vampire's control)
  • not true immortal
  • blessed and/or silver weapons, do great damage to them

Vampire Knight:
  • only a purebood can turn a mortal into a vampire
  • purebloods are rare, and can live thousands of years
  • purebloods possess a wide variety of powers, the full extent is known only to a pureblood
  • vampires in Cross Academy's Night Class consume blood tablets to sate their thirst

  • some vampires use limiters, to control their full power
  • can inject their blood into another person, and grant them vampiric powers for a short time (although, too many injections will result in mutation into a vampiric ghoul, and further down the road, possible vampirism)
  • they are the most powerful race, of all monsters
  • only water seems to harm them

  • victims are gradually drained of blood over a long period of time
  • undead
  • they fear places of religious significance, such as churches
  • not everyone comes back as a vampire
  • their heart must be destroyed to kill them
  • they possess many traditional vampiric weaknesses

Mine (Rose Academy AU):
  • most have syringe-like teeth that are like those of a snake, even possessing hinging properties. they are able to withstand temperature shifts
  • perceive the world in a different speed, things move slower to them
  • new vampires gain the powers of their sire
  • blessed and/or silver weapons deal great damage to them
  • purebloods possess a wide variety of powers, the full extent is known only to a pureblood
  • purebloods can somehow turn a mortal into another pureblood vampire, via blood transfusion (which mutates the mortal over a period of time)
  • purebloods are naturally resistant to sunlight, but try to avoid silver
  • they are the ruling class race over other monster species, and the fate of all monsters rests on their shoulders
  • they can eat normal human food
  • consume blood tablets to sate their thirst for blood
  • many are vastly intelligible in the medical field
  • a monstrous sub-race called "Abomination vampires" have shark teeth and are immune to all vampiric weaknesses (minus silver)
  • Abomination vampires bite off a large chunk of the neck after feeding on blood
  • Abomination vampires were created by crossbreeding a werewolf and a vampire, and then modifying them to be efficient killers
  • Abomination vampires can turn mortals into vampires, but they become Abomination vampires themselves
  • Abominations are apex predators, and consume primarily blood and meats of various species
  • Abominations were created during World War 2, by a group affiliated with Germany, but not the Nazis
Various vampires in anime, and my version
I thought about writing this after fleshing out my versions of vampires
Adventure Time
  • Daniel and Freda are now official citizens of Fire Kingdom, and they run a restaurant together that lies just outside the kingdom's border
  • Freda is more confident in herself then she used to be
  • Daniel is now a good friend of Flame Queen Pheobe
  • Daniel and Freda now have engagement rings, gifted to them by Pheobe. the rings are made of special Obsidian that has been enchanted to be unbreakable

  • Schale's mother has emerged, and is now an adviser to team SCVL
  • Team SCVL has a nemesis now, his name is Ocean, a man who can manipulate water (from basic control, to altering its temperature), and has been known to torture people by manipulating the blood in their bodies, and making it hotter, until he kills them by boiling them from the inside


Jason (necrohunter7)
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
SOUNDCLOUD: (just for kicks)

Steam account: necrohunter7

TF2 classes of choice: Scout, Pyro, Soldier

Favorite Ships: Uzu Sanageyama x Ryuko Matoi (Kiryuin), Mako Mankanshoko x Ira Gamagori, Edward Elric x Winry Rockbell,

Warframe(s) of choice: Frost Prime and Rhino

Youtube page:…

Admin: :iconwallebob:

:iconskypeplz:: jason.nygaard1

:thumb383214768: KILL la KILL Stamp by kawaii-desu-3 FullMetal Alchemist Stamp by TheMan268

Age: ? (20 in appearance)

Sex: Male

Height: 6'3

Weight: 400lbs

Race: Vampire cyborg

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship status: married to :iconaskangelthevampire::heart:

-Thermal Vision
-Biomass Matrix (can create new biomass from nothing, at will)

Voice: Crispin Freeman (voice of Alucard in Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate)

-His blood possesses healing powers
-His skeleton is made of metal
-He possesses "blood sense", an ability that allows him to find he correct vein drink blood from or to turn people into vampires. he can accurately puncture that vein without problems.
-He has highly concentrated and highly corrosive stomach acids.
-His fangs and tongue are derived from snakes, his tongue is forked as well...

Special Weaknesses (please notice this, it helps in RP's):
-Magnetism/Electromagnetism: because his skeleton is made of metal, Fang is susceptible to becoming immobilized via magnetism (similar to how Wolverine falls victim to Magneto's powers)
-High-pitched Sound: this will stop him right in his tracks, because his ears are sensitive

Personality: He is friendly, positive, and very caring about his friends and family. He can be dark or sad sometimes. He is patient, and plans things out logically and not on impatient/illogical impulses. He will not hesitate to protect the innocent from the wicked and evil. He is formidable when he is in a normal mood (how he usually fights), however, if somebody he cares about is intentionally attacked repeatedly, he will be consumed with rage and lash out at the attacker. When he reaches this level of anger, he will become unfathomably dangerous, even more so then the Lich King himself (the only way to turn him back to normal is if anybody he cares about, talks to him in a calming tone).

Likes: The Moon, Writing, playing video games, his wife, fresh blood, and fighting evil

Dislikes: evil people (like The Lich King), losing friends and family, the color pink, below 0° temperatures (he starts to feel tired when exposed to this temperatures)

Art that Fang had been featured in:

:thumb338536428: Fang and Angel by AskAngeltheVampire CookingTogether .:QandA2:. by Ask-Mother-Nature AT/OC UP question no. 11 by MilkyMichi
Fang x Angel by AskAngeltheVampire Question 7: Hangout by Ask-Bone-the-Vampire The Boys by Ask-Bone-the-Vampire Kitty: Bro Fist by AskVampireKitty
Q13: Vampire Hug by Ask-Ava :thumb347380666: :thumb354156329: Collage4 by CuriousInferno
Question 6. Brofist with a Vampire? by AskLucasOsseo Fang by Muki-loid07

Name: Razor

Age: ?

Eye Color: black

Skin Color: "red"

Race: Reptile-like creature


Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: taken

Personality: happy (only around his true love)

Likes: his wife




My vampire peeps:

:iconaskangelthevampire: :iconask-bone-the-vampire: :iconaskrockythevampire: :iconask-janeandmason: :iconask-vampireprincess: :iconask-kristythevampire: :iconmarylittlerose: :iconask-rocker-vampire: :iconaskvampirekitty: :iconaskirisvamp: :iconmavy-wavy-dracula: :iconask-mavis-dracula: :iconaskthelittlegardener: :iconask-ophila:

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