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digital art (light effects added)
Lockjaw (corrupted) (outdated design) by Ask-Fangthevampire
Together...yet divided... by Ask-Fangthevampire
Roboticized OC's Pt. 1 by Ask-Fangthevampire
Roboticized OC's Pt. 3 by Ask-Fangthevampire
Transition Body by Ask-Fangthevampire
Shading, glowing, etc...
Request (traditional)
Traditional sketch on paper
Polymorphic Bio Creature adoptables part 1 (closed by Ask-Fangthevampire
Flat colors



in the current RP I'm in with AskAngeltheVampire , Angel was killed by a shot through the heart, by Athena Cross. he went missing for over a week and reappeared as a disturbing illusion to his daughter, Ruth. 

over 1,200 years of living had already taken a considerable toll on his sanity...after all, he was used as a war weapon against his will, and his family was all that was stitching him together. with it broken, he is becoming depressed and his ancient modifications are affecting him once more, mentally.

he once again goes into seclusion, but once he hears some good news, he may return to his family.
"...from the sky, it descended, like an angel...a steel angel...this machine-god entered the battlefield as if he owned it, and carved his way through with a fluidity about his movements. he was like an artist on the battlefield..." an onlooker describing his first sighting of a Techno-Sapient, during the ending years of the Mushroom War

Techno-Sapients are an old, yet highly advanced machine race from a far off planet. the planet in question, is located far off in the Andromeda galaxy, and is nearly 4 times the size of the Earth.

they are described as "angels cast from steel", and are capable of performing incredible feats, such as generating space-time portals from thin air. due to their mechanical biology, and the fact that their world has 4 times greater gravity then ours, they possess superior strength and speed when compared to other races. they can operate in total vacuum, as they do not need to breathe, and they can modify technologies with their own, creating new possible devices (like starships, enhanced vehicles, highly advanced electronics, etc.). they range from about 4 feet to 7 feet in height

their most regretted decision, is creating the Sentinels, another machine-race, with the singular goal of expanding their species across the stars, and destroying all that get in their way, including their former masters.

All Techno-Sapients have large wings, usually resembling those of Earth Avian-type races (rarely, some have wings that resemble those of Earth bats). these wings have bladed feathers that can be launched at a target. the wings allow enhanced combat and defensive capabilities, as they are nigh indestructible.

in terms of intelligence, they are well versed in all types of physics, mathematics, sciences, and astrology. the least intelligent ones are slightly above an average human in terms of IQ. 
I'm opening this species up for free use outside the Rose Academy AU (where they are still a locked race) feel free to draw them up if you wish


Jason (necrohunter7)
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United States
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Steam account: necrohunter7

TF2 classes of choice: Scout, Pyro, Soldier

Favorite Ships: Uzu Sanageyama x Ryuko Matoi (Kiryuin), Mako Mankanshoko x Ira Gamagori, Edward Elric x Winry Rockbell,

Warframe(s) of choice: Frost Prime and Rhino

Youtube page:…

Admin: :iconwallebob:

:iconskypeplz:: jason.nygaard1

:thumb383214768: KILL la KILL Stamp by kawaii-desu-3 FullMetal Alchemist Stamp by TheMan268

Age: ? (20 in appearance)

Sex: Male

Height: 6'3

Weight: 400lbs

Race: Vampire cyborg

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship status: married to :iconaskangelthevampire::heart:

-Thermal Vision
-Biomass Matrix (can create new biomass from nothing, at will)

Voice: Crispin Freeman (voice of Alucard in Hellsing/Hellsing Ultimate)

-His blood possesses healing powers
-His skeleton is made of metal
-He possesses "blood sense", an ability that allows him to find he correct vein drink blood from or to turn people into vampires. he can accurately puncture that vein without problems.
-He has highly concentrated and highly corrosive stomach acids.
-His fangs and tongue are derived from snakes, his tongue is forked as well...

Special Weaknesses (please notice this, it helps in RP's):
-Magnetism/Electromagnetism: because his skeleton is made of metal, Fang is susceptible to becoming immobilized via magnetism (similar to how Wolverine falls victim to Magneto's powers)
-High-pitched Sound: this will stop him right in his tracks, because his ears are sensitive

Personality: He is friendly, positive, and very caring about his friends and family. He can be dark or sad sometimes. He is patient, and plans things out logically and not on impatient/illogical impulses. He will not hesitate to protect the innocent from the wicked and evil. He is formidable when he is in a normal mood (how he usually fights), however, if somebody he cares about is intentionally attacked repeatedly, he will be consumed with rage and lash out at the attacker. When he reaches this level of anger, he will become unfathomably dangerous, even more so then the Lich King himself (the only way to turn him back to normal is if anybody he cares about, talks to him in a calming tone).

Likes: The Moon, Writing, playing video games, his wife, fresh blood, and fighting evil

Dislikes: evil people (like The Lich King), losing friends and family, the color pink, below 0° temperatures (he starts to feel tired when exposed to this temperatures)

Art that Fang had been featured in:

:thumb338536428: Fang and Angel by AskAngeltheVampire CookingTogether .:QandA2:. by Ask-Mother-Nature AT/OC UP question no. 11 by MilkyMichi
Fang x Angel by AskAngeltheVampire Question 7: Hangout by Ask-Bone-the-Vampire The Boys by Ask-Bone-the-Vampire Kitty: Bro Fist by AskVampireKitty
Q13: Vampire Hug by Ask-Ava :thumb347380666: :thumb354156329: Collage4 by CuriousInferno
Question 6. Brofist with a Vampire? by AskLucasOsseo Fang by Muki-loid07

Name: Razor

Age: ?

Eye Color: black

Skin Color: "red"

Race: Reptile-like creature


Orientation: Straight

Relationship Status: taken

Personality: happy (only around his true love)

Likes: his wife




My vampire peeps:

:iconaskangelthevampire: :iconask-bone-the-vampire: :iconaskrockythevampire: :iconask-janeandmason: :iconask-vampireprincess: :iconask-kristythevampire: :iconmarylittlerose: :iconask-rocker-vampire: :iconaskvampirekitty: :iconaskirisvamp: :iconmavy-wavy-dracula: :iconask-mavis-dracula: :iconaskthelittlegardener: :iconask-ophila:

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I stumbled across the picture of his showing Shelby doing various adorable poses. On which you commented "S'up Shelby?". And you two ended up going to this awesome, 96 comment mini story. So if at all possible, please get back in touch with them and finish that awesome story.

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